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The Casual Football Ladder
For Casuals who like a challenge

The Casual Football Ladder is for teams and players who want to play regular, socially competitive football without the commitment (or angst!) required by structure competitions.

Teams can join at any time, leave at any time and even take a week off from time-to-time because life is getting in the way of football! 😳


There is no up front financial commitment when joining the ladder - all we ask is that you are committed to fulfilling your first fixture.

Each week we will publish the ladder along with all the available time-slots to the team captains who can then respond to us with any challenges they want to lay down to other teams.


Teams can challenge any team that is 3 places above them in the ladder and nominate the time-slot they which to play in. From there we will act as an intermediary to organise fixtures as best we can.


Teams not issuing a challenge may simply nominate time-slots in which they are able to play and we'll organise the opponent on their behalf.


Games are 20-minutes each way. Cost is $12 per player per game (its up to you whether you have a sub). Individuals with 10-game Casual cards / or loyalty card free games are welcome to use those.


Teams can play multiple games. Players can play for multiple teams. 


Individual players are welcome to register for our "Fill-in" list from which we will also continually look create new teams for the ladder.

All games will be played at out new venue - The Football Centre in Osborne Park. It is a licensed indoor venue with 3G synthetic grass allowing you to wear boots or trainers.


You even have the option to choose whether you play your game a futsal (trainers only) or regular ball!

Numerous time slots are available for you games on Friday evenings, Saturday after afternoon/evening and all day Sunday. A limited number of time slots will be available Monday-Thursday evenings.

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