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Casual Kids
Play like no one is watching

As kids we loved playing tournament football regardless of whether it was at a social or club level.


Our aim is to reproduce that experience for the kids of Perth via inclusive, high quality school holiday tournaments.

Registrations are now open as Easter Casuals Kids returns BIGGER and BETTER in 2022.



















With the support of MUMFC and Balcatta we are delight to be running Casual Kids 7s both SOUTH and NORTH of the river. 


Additionally we are delighted to extend the age range of teams we are catering for by run back to back 1-day competitions.

The Casual Kids 7s 2022 Easter Holidays Carnivals will be as follows:

In association with MUM FC @ Len Shearer Reserve

Tuesday, April 12:                U7, U9, U11, U13

Wednesday, April 13:            U8, U10, U12, U14

In association with Balcatta FC @ Grindleford Reserve

Tuesday, April 19:                U7, U9, U11, U13

Wednesday, April 20:           U8, U10, U12, U14




What are Casual Kids Carnivals?


As the name suggests, Casual Kids philosophy is not “win-at-all” costs. The daytime, midweek school holiday timing was intentionally chosen to maximise child/minimise parent availability(!). 


Coaches are encouraged to let “Let the Kids Play” and ideally merely facilitate the smooth running of the team with the kids making the decision about how they will play before, during and in the debrief.


All teams play the same number of games. All teams have meaningful finals.


Teams are charged $250 to enter the tournament with squads of up to 12 allowed (although pricing is based on a squad of 10 / $25 per head).


How do Casual Kids Carnivals work?


The Carnivals see multiple age bands play-off in parallel. 


Each age band consists of 8-teams split into groups of 4. The group stage sees teams from each group play off against each other, with all 8-teams progressing through to a finals series.


The finals series consists of a Top 4 semi-final / final (with losers play-offs) and a Bottom 4 semi-final / final (with losers play-offs).


The Top 4 consists of the winners and runners up from both groups with the first place finisher in Group 1 playing the second place finisher in Group 2 in Semi-Final 1. Semi-Final 2 is the second-place finish in Group 1 versus the first place finish from Group 2. 


Winners of the Top 4 Semi-Final play the Champions League Final. The losing semi-finalists play a 3rd/4th place play-off.


The Bottom 4 finals series follows the same format with the respective 3rd and 4th place finishers playing off. The Winners of the Bottom 4 Semi-Final play the Premier League Final. The losing semi-finalists play a 3rd/4th place play-off.


A trophy and medals are presented to the winners of the Champions League and Premier League Finals.


The Top 4 / Bottom 4 format has been adopted so that all teams have meaningful for the duration of the day. The losers’ play-offs ensure all teams play the same amount of games.


All age groups play on the same size pitch with the games the same duration (12-mins each way) allow timing to be managed centrally. Games are every 30-minutes with teams responsible for being ready for KO.

COVID-19 Requirements


Health WA provided approval to run these events on 03/03/22 following the roll out of Level 2 COVID restrictions. Should the state move to Level 3 the new guidance will be adopted.

Any cancellation of Casual Kids 7s by the organisers (due to Covid-19 or otherwise) entitles you to a full refund (although our preference will be to reschedule a cancelled carnival to later in the year).


A full set of rules can be download from the team registration page

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